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Top Collection was established in March 2003 with an investment of land covering approximately 130,000 square meters. It is located in Liling city, which is one of the four Ceramic Cities in China.

Top Collection, is by far a world-renowned manufacturer of ceramics with reactive glazes, with more than 1000 employees and 200 clients from over 50 countries and districts. Our designers in R&D have always managed to turn vividly designed patterns from paper into real ceramics, regardless of whether it is our original product or sample proofing for clients. 

After over ten years of research and development, reactive glaze technique has become a specialty of Top Collection. Ceramics with reactive glaze manufactured by Top Collection do not only shine with natural flexibility, but also come out comparatively consistent in production.

To keep pace with the world, Top Collection has upgraded itself as Top Collection Group. In 2016, T.R. Gallery was established, and the No.7 workshop of TR Gallery is taking the lead in producing higher quality ceramic pieces for domestic and international high-end customers.

With continuous development, exploration and wisdom, we believe that the future will be even more fabulous. Top Collection, to the future along with you.

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